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Love Abruzzo Property is a Member of: F.I.M.A.A., the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents. We are registered in the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Pescara with registration number and License Number of Estate Agents Register: C.C.I.A.A. Pescara.
Italian Chamber of Commerce of Pescara with registration number: REA 140346 and 143287
License Number of Estate Agents Register: 143287 and 726 C.C.I.A.A. Pescara
Roger, Daniela, Piera. We three originally met a few years ago when Roger come to view properties in Abruzzo. Daniela was the first person he met and he was immediately impressed with her knowledge and her ability to inspire confidence and a feeling of friendship. She was able to find him the perfect property, now his home, within a very short time. Roger met Piera at the compromesso stage of the buying process and the two of them immediately estabilished a warm rapport. Piera introdused Roger to her family, the.community and Italy ( in that order of importance ) while helping him to adjust to a new way of life. The three have been good friends ever since and for some time have planned to go into business together. As we three feel confidence in and friendship with each other so we also wish to inspire the same feelings in our clients.

Piera Zechini
I was born in Pescara, Italy. I graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Geology. I spent twelve years in Jamaica working in tourism, starting as a tour guide and also as a tour representative for an Italian Company. I eventually set up my own Company called “Unexpected Jamaica” . Returning to Italy, I have been employed for seven years by an estate agency. I worked with international clients to locate the best properties for them and I found my specialist knowledge of the region was invaluable in organising property tours. I am a qualified estate agent. Now I am excited to be running my own business!

Daniela Giangiulio
I am of mixed German and Italian nationality, I grew up in Germany and as a young woman I moved to Italy with my family. I speak 3 languages: Italian, German and English. I always worked in public relations with international companies and since 2001 I have worked with estate agencies dealing with residential properties. I am a qualified estate agent and held the position of director with my previous company. I am a specialist in legal and banking matters and conduct clients through every stage of the buying process.

Natalia Alexeeva
I was born in St. Petersburg , Russia , I worked in various business enterprises , ranging from the secretary of the bank clerk . I live in Italy since 2002 , I have lived in Tuscany , then I moved to Abruzzo and it was love at first sight . A wonderful land where sea and mountains live together in a scenario ranging from nature to the scenario of a medieval village , all surrounded by parks and nature reserves . Here I met my husband . My job is to assist clients Russians and provide language support . as part of this wonderful team of professionals . I will help you find your ideal property .
My e- mail: natalia.alexe@gmail.com
skype: n.alexeeva2008