Additional services

After Sales
If you are happy with our services, we hope you will want to continue the relationship and avail yourself of our assistance in starting this new chapter of your life in Italy. We can help in many ways: Arranging restoration and decoration of properties by local builders and project-managing. We would send regular reports and pictures to give you peace of mind. Organise for the utilities to be changed to the name of the new owner. We can also arrange for payment to be made by direct debit from the bank. We can go shopping with you and reccommend sources for your personal style of furnishing, often obtaining substancial discounts. We can arrange for local help in cleaning, laundry and gardening and if necessary act as key holder. If you are intending to rent out your property we can advertise on our website and manage the rental for you. There are many ways we can help you to adjust to Italian life and get the most enjoyment from it. We can put you in touch with a doctor, with schools and libraries and a host of local cultural activities. We can even put you in touch with your fellow nationals to share your personal experiences in Italy. Services Details on legal and tax matters Assistance in opening a bank account and obtaining the Italian TAX code Assistance with obtaining a morgage ( if this service is required ) Multilingual assistance through the buying process, from the signing of the first contract to the final in front of the Italian Notary.
How to buy
The first step in the buying process is to make a verbal offer on the property you have chosen. Deposito e proposta d’acquisto. Once your offer is accepted, a “Compromesso” ( preliminary contract ) will be drawn up by the Italian Notary. This is a legally binding agreement for both sides. At this stage a deposit of 20-25% of the property value has to be paid. Love Abruzzo Property will assist you in obtaining a codice fiscale and opening an Italian bank account, both necessary for the purchase of your property. Under Italian law, our agency fees are required to be paid once the “Compromesso” is signed by both parties. Love Abruzzo Property suggests you retain the services of an independent surveyor ( geometra ) to conduct a survey of the property. We have contact with many geometras in different localities. Alla the documents are presented to the Notary who checks the details. Only when the Notary is satisfied that they are all in order will he prepare the final deed. At this stage the vendor and the purchaser will meet with the Notary for the final signing and transfer of title. Love Abruzzo property will be there to explain the proceedings and interpret for you. The balance of the purchase price is paid to the vendor and the due fees and taxes are paid to the Notary.( These amount to approximately 8% to 17% of the declared value of the property ).
Tours and viewing
We suggest you give yourself sufficient time to discover and enjoy some of the joys of Abruzzo. We will be pleased to arrange a vacation to meet your personal requirements. Our services can include: Booking accomodation for your stay. Organising a rental car. Pick-up from the airport and transportation to your hotel. Information on local tradition, events, natural amenities and historical attractions Providing maps and guidebooks. Provision of a guide to show you some of the most appealing areas of Abruzzo. Viewing the most interesting properties that match your requirements.