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Houses and Apartments; the most desirable Abruzzo properties for sale can be found on our website or via our network of contacts.
We are an agency based in Pescara and established several years ago to find the perfect property for clients in this beautiful part of Italy.
We understand that for you this is a really important venture and it is probably something you have wanted to do for a long time. You may wish to make your permanent residence here or simply buy a holiday home. We can help you. You are a unique individual and the property you are looking for will be as individual as you are. We take care to establish precisely what you require and we make a selection of properties we think would be suitable, before you even arrive in Abruzzo. We deal with every enquiry on a personal basis. You feel you need assistance in assessing the suitability of an Italian property and the desirability of a particular location? – we will guide you through the entire experience so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Our extensive knowledge of Abruzzo properties and of every aspect of Italian culture and lifestyle, is entirely at your service.

Our clients frequently like to maintain contact with us and take advantage of the many after-sales services we offer.

We invite you to come and experience the allure of Abruzzo.
We have some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the whole of Italy. We enjoy an ancient, unhurried and warmly welcoming culture and we are also very much engaged with modern style and culture, both in the delightful little resort towns to be found on our long Adriatic coastline and in the historic centres of our ancient hill towns. Abbruzzo has a sophisticated air, road and rail network.

If you’d like to come and visit our Real Estate Agency in Pescara , Viale Kennedy, 24 follow the link: How to reach us Pescara International Airport is well served by Ryanair with economy flights from London Stansted, Bruxelles Frankfurt Hahn and Barcellona. Other international flights into Pescara Airport are from Charleroi (Brussels) Crete, Bucarest, Munich, Paris, Spalato (Croatia), New York, Toronto, Tirana, Kiev, Stockholm. You can also fly into Rome as it is only one hour away from Abruzzo. Internal flights connect with Cities to the North of Italy such as Milan,Turin and Genoa